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17-03-2021 | Jolanta Bieńkowska
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Tourist attractions
Wprowadzono: 12-01-2018 | Concept INTERMEDIA



Frombork, called „the jewel of Warmia”, was the place of work, life and death of Nicolaus Copernicus.

The considerable part of the tourist attractions of Frombork results from the history. Since the year 1287, it was a seat of the Warmia bishopric and chapter. In 1310 it received civic rights. Development complex of the Cathedral Hill is classified to the highest range of the international monuments, which includes: a medieval cathedral, bishopric palaces, diocesan chanceries, defensive walls, towers and keeps. The gothic cathedral (Archicathedral Basilica) built between 1329 and 1388 - this is a unique architectonic structure. There is a belfry, the so-called Radziejowski’s Tower within the Cathedral Hill.  One of the best polish planetarium is located in the ground octagonal part, above however Foucault’s pendulum. An appliance of several metres of height, which allows too see that the Earth is actually turning.

In the last bishopric palace is the Mikołaj Kopernik Museum.  International Festival of Organs Music is one of the greatest attractions in Frombork. The organs from 1683 are placed by the experts in the first five in Poland. The are unique architectures, climatic values which make that Frombork Commune can be developed. There are many offers from tourists from Poland and also from abroad. Frombork contains a good tourism base: hotels and households. Our town is prepared for guests.



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Młynarska 5a
14-530 Frombork
(+48 55) 244 06 60
(+48 55) 244 06 61